Baltic- Link & Motorway of the Sea Gdynia - Karlskrona
       integrated into The Baltic-Adriatic Corridor
Motorways of the Sea should be considered as an integral part of the TEN-T core corridors. It means that the maritime dimension ought to be integrated in the land-based TEN-T corridors by means of improved accessibility, ports interconnections and digitalization.
The Baltic-Link & Motorways of the Sea Gdynia - Karlskrona presents one of the most growth potential in the Baltic Sea Region. It is a strong link in the Polish - Scandinavian logistic chains and a natural connection between Scandinavia and both Central and Eastern Europe. By using this maritime connection, TEN-T sustainability objectives are fully reaced. This is why Baltic-Link & Motorway of the Sea Gdynia - Karlskrona ought to effectively integrate core network crridors, in particular The Baltic -Adriatic Corridor with Scan-Med Corridor.